Passionate About Tourism

Meet the luckiest people on the planet. We work in Travel: something that enriches people's lives and provides joy. That makes us feel good. We're part of a group that's passionate about owning our marketing disciplines as Thought Leaders. And that feels wonderful, to excel at your craft. A Group that's tight-knit from working closely together on challenging and exciting projects. Our collaborative nature extends beyond the Group to our spectacular clients. Watching our work produce results for Clients gives us a warm, fuzzy feeling. We're living the dream every day. After an exhaustive Group Think we'll take a retreat to recharge, refresh and do what we love: Travel. There's nothing small about our Group. We deliver big. After the introductions below see what our Cilents say.

Richard “R. A.” Burrell, President

richard-200Richard, aka R. A., founded Tourism Intelligence Group and is the architect behind the most sophisticated tourism marketing solutions available today. His 2+ decades in internet marketing are one of our strongest assets, and his thought leadership in the industry is widely known, and well-proven. Burrell is the muse, scout and catalyst for our team, ensuring the team has the guidance & support to contribute success to our client campaigns, while happily meeting our individual professional aspirations. Burrell’s combination of enlightened strategic guidance and industry experience has resulted in hugely successful internet marketing campaigns for large and small tourism companies, including well known names like American Airlines AAdvantage,, Vail Resorts, and Ritz-Carlton Club. Richard holds a B.S. in Psychology and Marketing and a Masters in Management.He is professionally certified by Google Analytics and AdWords. In addition to leading our team, Burrell has spoken at hundreds of events on Tourism Marketing throughout the US, and he prolifically continues to add his innovative perspective and leadership to the entire tourism industry. You’ll quickly  appreciate and enjoy his collaborative, personable style, quick wit & dry sense of humor and he’ll gain your trust instantaneously. Before you know it, you’ll be calling him with your next plan of action, and our group will deliver success based on your mutual inspiration.

Recent Speaking Engagements

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Amanda Markert, Content & Social Marketing


A native flatlander working on a dream out west, Amanda came to Boulder, Colorado to pursue an education in News Editorial Journalism at the University of Colorado. While in school, she spent time rubbing elbows with ski industry folk and found herself writing for several ski publications. After hopping the fence and landing in the Public Relations world, Amanda gained valuable experience building social campaigns, developing digital marketing plans, and creating content for outdoor industry and destination clients. As a digital editor and writer with a family travel beat, she is well versed in many sectors of the industry.

Amanda is a proven producer who brings an eclectic skill set and fresh ideas to the team. A sense of adventure fused with a knack for finding the unique among the mundane allows her to captivate new audiences through various channels.

When not putting pen to paper, you can find Amanda sliding down mountains, riding bikes, or preaching the gospel of hero, Bruce Springsteen, over a cup of coffee.


Sarah Millice, Data Marketing

sarah-200Keeping our unique brand of tourism marketing constantly flowing 24/7 requires organization and discipline. As a marketing professional with years of experience spanning a variety of industries and markets, Millice multitasks with an uncanny ability to simultaneously manage various responsibilities, a meticulous attention to detail, strong organizational skills and a quick, intuitive sense of context. She thrives on taking the reins, delving into the data, identifying the desired results, and developing unique, successful plans of action that adhere to the highest standard of quality.

Sarah’s days at Tourism Intelligence Group are spent as the initial point of contact for anyone needing help with anything. She knows how to assess needs and make sure that they’re communicated to the correct team member for effective and efficient resolution. No question is too complicated, and no problem is too big – or too small – for Sarah to handle. She’s that good. And she’s the perfect ballast to R. A.’s aggressive vision.


Jason W. Herzog, Development

jason-200Herzog prides himself on quality work, and constantly delivers — on time and on task — and has been delivering for us since 2007. He knows everything he produces needs tracking in ways only someone deeply entrenched in the entire process can — both micro- and macroscopically . He knows his work should inspire visitors, engage them, convert them. And everything has to work, the first time, every time. That’s the value of subject matter expertise in tourism marketing.Herzog can build anything (even, like, race cars and stuff) — and he does — and we know it’s right the first time. His dedication to task is second only to his ingenuity. His attitude is warm, light and approachable — while always remaining grounded in real, achievable results.Also, he is way rad and incredibly strong. And bilingual.

Mike Sebastian, Creative


Creativity is intelligence having fun. – Albert Einstein
Mike Sebastian brings 15 years of experience to the group, including over a decade of experience working with Tourism Intelligence Group. He graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado with a Bachelor’s degree in Interactive Multimedia, and won multiple awards for his personal portfolio website.
Mike was born in Virginia and grew up in Lakewood, Colorado. He enjoys riding bicycles, playing music, drawing pictures, and getting his hands dirty having fun. Mike has trekked across America multiple times, and has been to 47 of the 50 states.
Mike has been a part of creating over 200 websites and applications. With that experience comes a keenly developed sense that is heavily focused on user needs, technology trends, best practices, and efficient development all being parts of a beautiful design.

Project Capabilities

Brand exploration and development, marketing collateral and print management, identity/logo design, unique online proposition execution, domain name strategy, user surveys, focus group studies, defining target audiences, creative and marketing competitive analysis, site information architecture and user experience, usability testing, website design, Asynchronous JavaScript, Animation, mobile applications and games.

Online Skills

  • Senior level front-end developer using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Strong knowledge of current standards, browser DOM, and JavaScript frameworks
  • Strong understanding of MVC and OOP principals
  • Strong experience with mobile
  • Experience in developing high-performance user interfaces
  • Driven and passionate about producing amazing software

Musical Talents

  • Bad singer
  • Poor violinist
  • Intermediate guitar player
  • Beginner arabic tambourine player